Parent Support Group

This group provides a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential outlet for sharing with parents who have gone through similar experiences. During group meetings parents will take time to think, plan and problem-solve. Parents will provide understanding and assurance for others in the group that they are not alone and give each other appreciation for their efforts and successes. The facilitator will offer resources, information, and literature not readily available outside of the group.

Groups are held biweekly for 2 hours. An initial commitment for 6 sessions is required and members can join at any time. Members pay $50.00 per session. A sliding scale fee is available for all members. There will be an agenda prepared for each meeting but the needs of group members can take priority.
Groups will include presentations, discussions, role-play, sharing, listening, journaling, brainstorming, art projects, releasing emotions, questions, and lots of support.

For questions, a free 30 minute phone consultation or to sign up please call Jana Silverman at 415-752-1702 Ext. 2.