Parenting Educational Talks

I give parenting educational talks to schools, pre-schools, organizations and other groups. Some of the topics for talks are:

  • Tuning in to your child's creativity
    This workshop will give you tools to encourage your child's creativity to emerge while experiencing the art process as fun and fulfilling for you, too. We will explore which words encourage or stifle children to create freely. Gain appreciation for your child's unique art process, by joining Jana for fabulously creative, invigorating projects YOU can learn to do with your child.
  • Setting limits
    Setting limits is one of the most difficult and most important jobs parents do. Rather than taking an approach that sets parent against child, this talk will outline a firm, warm, respectful approach to children's unworkable behavior that helps parent and child reconnect. It's nontraditional, and it works.
  • Honoring parents' emotional needs
    This workshop is a safe space for parents to express and explore their emotions that often get triggered by their children's behavior. Parents will learn how their own unresolved emotional issues will interfere with sensitive parenting.
  • Parent Support workshop
    During the workshop parents will learn how they can support each other. We will practice communication skills that are essential for support. We will share tools to cope with stress and come up with creative solutions, even while facing your child's temper tantrums and other emotional triggers. The workshop provides a relaxing time in a supportive atmosphere that will help you survive and thrive for the rest of the week.
  • Attachment and transition
    This workshop will give parents tools to help their children with separation anxiety and separation anxiety relapse. Parents will learn about the cycle of attachment and practice nurturing parenting tools as part of the Parenting By Attachment philosophy.